Artistic Director, Penny King

Penny KingPenny King

    Originally from Santa Monica, California, Penny began her dance training in a Cecchetti studio with a very rigid and fundamental format.   Upon moving to a studio that offered more diversity, she was introduced to a different world of ballet, tap and singing.  Soon, she was performing on many stages throughout Southern California in various reviews, Midnight TV talent Shows, Operas and Light Operas, and eventually winning a role in the Santa Monica Civic Ballet’s Nutcracker.  She then moved to the studio of Andrei Tremaine and began studying in the Ballet Russe Tradition performing with his company for about six years.  Around the age of 17, wanting world class ballet or nothing, she stopped dancing for some time.

     Ten years later, she walked back into the same building where she had trained with Andrei and discovered modern dance and Benn Howard, the first to introduce her to a more contemporary approach involving the specific mechanics of dance technique.

Young Penny King

     After moving to Oregon to raise her son, Penny danced with Nancy Gordon and the late Eric Hyrst.   On a trip to Seattle, she stopped to take a class at the school of the Eugene Ballet and was asked if she would like to perform with the company at the opening of the Hult Center in Eugene .  She spent five years dancing with the company and others in the area and studied tap with the great Sam Weber.  After her Eugene dances she traveled back down to Santa Monica and went to dance classes at Santa Monica College and met Linda Gold who invited her to tourEurope with the Linda Gold Dance Ensemble. She also danced as an apprentice with Rudy Perez and took classes with Stanley Holden.

     In 1991, she opened Stillpoint Dance Studio and that same year presented her first Nutcracker Ballet.  She has choreographed and performed over 20 Rogue Music Theatre Musicals as well as Barnstormers, Grants Pass High School Drama Dept., and the late Stardust Theatre.